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Interactive system connects your workout to the world

Better Gym North Greenwich’s state of the art ARTIS range of equipment features Technogym's first touch-screen interface that utilises Android, the most widely-used mobile operating system in the world.

The operating system installed on each piece of ARTIS equipment is named UNITY, and each UNITY console is connected to the internet. This gives users finger-tip access to all of their favorite apps and websites.

The evolution of the workout

Here at Better Gym North Greenwich we embrace fitness through technology and we’re striving to bring your fitness into the 21st Century.

In the past, exercising in the gym could be an isolating experience for some people, but with UNITY  you’ll be able to access all of your favorite android apps, websites, and MyWellness information from the touchscreen display embedded in our ARTIS equipment.

What are the benefits of UNITY for you as a user? Other than convenience and connectivity, you’ll  have full access to data about every single workout you do, whether that’s in the gym or outside of it.

Stay entertained while you workout

Thanks to UNITY, you’ll not only have access to your favorite social platforms, but you’ll be able to access some of your favorite entertainment apps too.

You’re far from restricted to fitness oriented apps with UNITY, there are games too. If you fancy knocking a couple of pigs for six in Angry Birds, a quick game of Backgammon, or a classic game of Mahjong, you have free license through the pre-installed apps on UNITY.

UNITY is compatible with the official Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr apps. There are many other social media apps, but if your favorite website or online content provider doesn’t have an app, UNITY’s built in browser will give you finger-tip access to the wider web, right from your treadmill.

Other sources of entertainment are also available through UNITY. In every console you’ll have access to: various news apps like Eurosport, CNN and BBC News; A huge range of TV channels and radio stations; and Google Maps, for the meticulous run planner inside of you.

Or why not escape the surroundings of the gym and explore a new city, with the virtual training programme you can take to the streets (or hills) from all over the globe as you run or cycle. 

Easy login to UNITY equipment

You don’t have to worry about remembering passwords, usernames, or which email address you used on your registration form with UNITY. Simply walk on to a machine and plug in your MyWellness Key, your details are synced automatically.

ARTIS equipment features UNITY interfaces which work in tandem with your MyWellness Key, or with an NFC enabled mobile phone, to log in to your profile automatically. This means that you’ll be able to focus on your work out because logging in is taken care of by plugging in your MyWellness Key or by tapping your phone to the NFC sticker.

Training Better

The UNITY console combined with the power of MyWellness means you can get even more from your training.

Bring the outside world, inside

While it's great to be able to run outside, get some fresh air, see the sights; it can also be hard with the notorious British weather and the pressure outdoor running can have on your joints. However with the ARTIS Run you can now give your workout the same challenges in a gym environment. If you've already run a route using Mapmyrun, Strava or RunKeeper you can simply link your account through MyWellness then when you login to the equipment your route will be recreated to include all the same elements such as inclines and declines, speeds. Perfect if you're training for a marathon or race.      

Don't worry, if you've not embraced the great outdoors or you just fancy a change of scene, you can also use the Virtual Training module that will have you running the streets of destinations around the World such as San Fransico or the French Alps.  

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