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Track your progress in and out of the gym

At Better Gym North Greenwich, you can take full advantage of Technogym’s state of the art fitness computing and analysis service, MyWellness. Through the Key and the Cloud you have the ability to monitor your fitness and wellness levels which extends much further than the walls of our gym.

Through a handy smartphone app, as well as a website, your fitness can be monitored at all times, your goals can be updated on the fly, and your progress mapped in real time.

What is in the MyWellness Cloud?

The MyWellness Cloud is made up of four sections: Movement, Training, Body Measurements, and Challenges. Each section allows you to analyse different parts of your performance, or to direct your training in a particular way.


The first cloud section is labeled Movement - this is where your daily activity is tracked and displayed through simple graphics and a graph mapping your daily activities over time.

Technogym do not measure your energy expenditure in calories burned, instead they use their own unit, called a MOVE. These MOVES are measured without the inclusion of a weight reading, meaning that you and your friends can compete to see who’s more active whether you weigh the same, or you’re 30kgs apart.


The second section, Training, is where you and your personal trainer can plot out your workout goals. Add exercises to your schedule and map out a progression plan, include general or specific exercises, and see what’s working well for you and what isn’t by analysing your performance in each exercise of every session through the results analysis tool at the bottom of the page.

Body Measurements

Section three, Body Measurements, talks directly to our Boditrax body configuration analysis unit at Better Gym North Greenwich. Through its electro-conducting body analysing system your BMI and current weight readings will be accessible from anywhere, not just the terminal where you weighed yourself. MyWellness Cloud also provides you with a scale to see how your measurements and progress match up to the rest of our members on our Health Scale.


Section four allows you to take part in the Better community in an unprecedented way. The staff here at the North Greenwich centre will be setting daily, weekly, or monthly challenges based on anything from collection of MOVES and calorie burned, to kilometers run or classes attended. Get competitive with your gym buddies or simply try to be your own personal best. Online and social leaderboards means you can see what position you're in.

Link your other Fitness Apps

If you're already using other fitness apps, don't worry. Your mywellness account will also connect with a variety of apps, 

MyWellness Key

When you become a member of Better Gym, North Greenwich you will be given your Technogym Key, this will act as your membership card, locker key and also be the connection between your training and your monitoring. There's 2 types of Keys available, everyone is given the standard Technogym Key, however if you're keen to track your progress more closely the Advanced MyWelness Key has some great benefits as shown below: 

Your MyWellness account and Technogym Key

  • Gives you electronic access to the gym and lockers
  • Stores your personal training programmes, goals and progress while in the gym and via the cloud
  • Connects with all the gym equipment
  • Sets the gym equipment for your personal, pre-set goals and settings
  • Records and stores your workout progress

Advanced MyWellness Key

  • Attaches to your waistband
  • Measures and tracks your daily physical activity outside of the gym, counted as ‘moves’
  • Calculates and assigns daily goals and targets for your number of ‘moves’
  • Beams your data back to your MyWellness Account
  • Feeds your progress into your gym workout program
  • Spurs you on daily to be more and more active

The secret behind your success

Fitness science experts at Technogym, MyWellness have identified 6 core aspirations that motivate us to succeed in fitness training.

The good news is that you already have a unique mix of these aspirations, central to you achieving your fitness goals.

Discover what makes you move

All you need to do is complete this short MyWellness survey and the tool will map your individual aspirations profile, so we can:

  • Understand scientifically what really motivates you
  • Combine this insight with your abilities and needs
  • Create a unique, personalised training programme through the Prescribe App for you that maximises your results

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