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Mobile Fitness Apps

Personalised training, programmes at your finger tips

As a member of Better Gym, North Greenwich you will have access through the MyWellness Cloud to a range of Technogym Apps, featuring exclusive dedicated apps that make your workout more interactive, enjoyable and customised.  Based on your Aspirational Mapping and your personal desires you can have unique, personalised training sessions at your finger tips.

SELF App: Do It Yourself Training

Are you a gym pro who likes to plan your workout solo and know what you want from your training? Would you prefer to create your program on your own? Then the Technogym SELF app is right for you.

For those who don’t need a personal trainer, Technogym created SELF, the app that enables you to create your own tailored training program, whenever you want and wherever you are, all done through the app on your phone.

It takes just a few seconds to create a program. You can choose at your own liking what suits you most from a library of over 2000 exercises.From the moment the personal programme has been created, it can be performed on all ARTIS equipment; on the top of that, every UNITY device can view it and monitor it.

PRESCRIBE App: The perfect programme for you

If you feel you could benefit from some additional support or structure to your workout routine, then speak with one of our Fitness Instructors or Personal trainers who will set you up with the PRESCRIBE App. 

The team will assign you a programme expressly tailored on your needs, based on your aspiration mapping results and any additional requirements from your Boditrax scan. PRESCRIBE allows trainers to choose from 2000 different training programs and over 5000 exercises. This means no more tedious and monotonous workouts: Better Gym North Greenwich shakes up your training experience.

Your progress will be mapped in more detail than ever before, and your Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer can check your progess and ensure you stay motivated.  

The selected programs are then stored in your MyWellness account so you can track your progress, results and goals. 

COACH App: Get motivated in and outside the gym

COACH takes personal training to the next level as wellbeing and fitness shouldn't just be when you're in the gym.

Many people find that additional support outside of the gym environment helps to achieve goals even quicker. With COACH, trainers can advise you on your everyday habits, enhancing their efficiency and quality. Through this COACH app trainers can deliver personalised eating programmes and encourage you to do better in one to one communications.

COACH represents a new way for personal traininer to interact with users even when remote, providing a more constant contact and a higher level of engagement and motivation.

By connecting your other apps such as Mapmyfitness or fitbit to your MyWellness account you really do have a full round solution to health and fitness with the equivalent of a personal trainer in your pocket.  

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