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Book your group training session at Better Gym, North Greenwich or other activities and classes across all Better Leisure Centres in London in your local leisure centre such as group exercise classes, badminton, squash, crèche and toddlers’ world can be booked online up to 7 days in advance.




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MyWellness Cloud

With MyWellness account you can also access your personailsed programme, create your own or get advice from your Fitness Instructor; Track your movements, activities and progress through your key or smartphone app.

Aspirational mapping

Find out what really motivates you and what is more likely to help you achieve your goals. By answering a series of questions you and your fitness instructor can create the prefect programme so you can enjoy your workout and get the results your looking for.

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You can also upload other activities that you've done outside they gym so you really are making the most of every step. If you're already using other apps, you can link those too. MyWellness links with apps such as MapMyFitness, fitbit, Garmin, Withins, Strava and Swimtag. Not forgetting Facebook and Google lso you can so all your friends how well your doing!   

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Don't forget to look out for our monthly challenges and register your place so you can pitch yourself against your fellow gym goers or try to get your new personal best, either way we'll help you go further. 

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You'll have to head to the scales in the gym and have your first reading and create your account so you can be sure to track and record every weighing.

But don't forget this is more than just weight, the Boditrax compositioning tool will help you understand more about your body, where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and what you can do to improve your health, fitness, and general wellbeing.

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