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Stretch Area

Increase your flexibility and warm up and down in our dedicated stretch area

Stretching is frequently overlooked because the results are not as evident as lifting weights or doing cardio exercise. This actually constitutes a common misbelief, since stretching - though often neglected - is just as important as exercise.

Studies have shown that stretching may help you improve your joint range of motion and enables your muscles to work more effectively in unisor. It also helps improve flexibility and consequently your performance in physical activities; moreover, it decrease your risk of injuries due to the increase in blood flow to the muscles. Not to mention, stretching can lead to better posture, fewer aches and pains, greater confidence and relax.

In the Stretch Area

  • 15 mats which make stretching basic exercises comfortable on any surface.
  • 10 kettlebells from 8kg to 24kg which help you to open up your joints, stretch ligaments, tendons, and warm up the muscles before an intense workout.
  • 2 Bosu balls which can challenge your balance and trigger muscles in the abs and hips.
  • 9 Swiss balls which can be used for relaxing stretching exercises targeting all the muscles of the body, opening up your hips, chest and back while building balance and stability with relaxing moves.
  • 5 Core bags from 5kg to 25 kg, great for learning technique to train for strength.
  • 5 Medicine balls, a great tool for improving dynamic flexibility awaken your nervous system.
  • 20 Dumbbells from 1kg to 20 kg which will help you stretching your hamstrings and loosen your muscles to make you enjoy a better motion and benefit from each exercise.
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