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Strength Training

Improve your whole body strength from your bones to your balance and posture.

Strength training isn’t a realm of fitness reserved for bodybuilders and athletes. While the right routine can help you build and tone muscle, a small amount of regular strength training can be as beneficial to your day-to-day health as cardio training alone.

The treadmill and the stationary bike are fantastic places to get your cardiovascular system up to speed. However, so much of your well being and day-to-day fitness comes from the size, strength, and health of your muscles - which can be greatly improved by using machines and weights as resistance in a variety of strength-based exercises.

Benefits of Strength training

The list of health benefits that strength training can offer is long, and can be quite surprising for the uninitiated.

Understandably, strength training improves your posture and your ability to function at a higher intensity for longer, without tiring. So, after a long day on your feet - whether you’ve been at work, or walking around town - with a bit of strength training you’ll be able to take all of that in your stride, effortlessly.

What may catch many people by surprise are the other health benefits to strength training. For example, muscle strength can actively benefit type 2 diabetics - as exercising muscles don’t require insulin for the uptake of glucose.

The improved cardiac function associated with strength training can prevent the development of thrumbo-embolic lesions, as well as increasing the heart’s strength and capacity.

And, strong muscles also greatly increases the strength of your bones and your joints. Individuals who continue to maintain their muscular strength as they age, will find that the ageing process, and the deterioration in mobility that generally comes along with it, is slowed down. These individuals will also find that they are less susceptible to developing osteoporosis, bone fractures and other bone mineral density-related defects.

How to get started?

Strength training is simple. By using any number of our machines, or free weights at Better Gym, North Greenwich, you’ll be able to improve the tone, strength, and size of almost any muscle in your body.

Finding an appropriate routine is a very personal experience. One that’s based on your base fitness level, your aims, and your ability. By taking a reading on the Boditrax scales and completeing your aspirational mapping you can understand the needs of your body and which areas to focus on. With that knowledge you can use the touch screen in the gym to find out which pieces of equipment will help you achieve your results. 

Using the MyWellness Cloud and the Self App you'll have full access to programmes that you can work through on your own or engage with one of our Fitness Instructors through the Prescribe App where they will be able to create bespoke programmes for you and monitor your progess through them. 

It is advisable that before undertaking a strength training regime, that you ensure that your body is capable of completing all of the included exercises. This may involve a period of conditioning before you begin your regime, to ensure that you don’t injure yourself. It’s also important that you do not over train your muscles. Most regimes work particular groups of muscles on individual days of the week, or at maximum twice a week. Overworking muscles not only risks injury, but can also actually slow down any progress that is being made.

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