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Challenge yourself against your fellow gym members and other clubs

We want to shake things up a bit here at Better Gym, North Greenwich and what better way than to get our members involved with some fun and testing challenges.  

Tracked through the MyWellness Cloud, members will have the opportunity to compete against other members, other clubs or your own personal best by calculating the total MOVEs or calories burn, completed workouts or distances - from squat to weight lifting. Whatever the challenge we're sure you'll soon get the competitive bug and be working your hardest to win! 


How does it work?

Our fantastic Better Gym, North Greenwich staff, who will get to know you and your fitness needs as well as their own, can set a variety of different challenges to all members of the gym.

Members can access the list of current challenges through their MyWellness Cloud profile, either through the web, or via the mobile app. From there members will be able to oversee the current leaderboard standings, which will also be posted on the wall in the gym at regular intervals, as well as their own progress towards the challenge goal.

At the end of the allotted challenge period, a winner will be announced. The hard-working individual will then be showered with gym-wide adoration, and maybe a token of his or her success from Better Gym, North Greenwich.

What sort of challenges will be set?

The challenges can be based around anything and everything, as long as it’s fitness based.

We won’t be simply dishing out challenges like ‘who can run the furthest on the treadmill in January?’ - although challenges like that may appear from time to time. Expect us to be far more imaginative.

Say, for example, it’s cycling season, and the UK once again has its eyes across the channel as the Tour de France takes to the continental roads. Here at Better Gym, North Greenwich, we’ll be able to set a variety of different cycling-themed challenges, whether that’s challenging someone in the gym to put in a Tour stage-long session in on the bike one afternoon, or running a competition for the first one up an imaginary mountain climb.

The challenges won’t be restricted to in-gym equipment either. Expect to be challenged to out-of-gym activities too, which can be tracked with your Advanced MyWellness Key, which not only gives you access to your in-gym profile, but tracks your movements through an on-board accelerometer.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy. Once you're a member and have access to a MyWellness Cloud profile you’ll be able to see the full range of Better Gym, North Greenwich challenges for you and your friends to sign up to and compete over.

The leaderboards for each challenge can be found on your MyWellness cloud too. Don’t worry, you won’t be signed up automatically for anything, so if you want to train on your own, you don’t have to see your name on the board.

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