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Functional Training

Use every day movement to strengthen and build your body in a low impact way

Functional training is all about giving you the tools that you need to meet all of the demands that your own personal day-to-day life throws at you.

Whether you’re training to play sport, or if your work involves labour, or specific or repetitive movements, functional training regimes target the movements and muscle groups that you use the most, building up your strength and endurance in those areas.

At Better Gym, North Greenwich our range of equipment, including the full roster of Technogym Kinesis Stations units, will give you everything you need to immerse yourself in a personalised functional training regime.

How will functional training benefit you?

Functional training can be thought of as a way of improving performance. We’re not only talking about improving strength, lifting heavier weights and improving sporting performance; functional training is all about form, and perfecting every-day and specialised movements by improving efficiency of motion alongside strength gains.

For many individuals functional training makes much more sense than most strength and cardio routines, simply because the movements and exercises involved in a functional workout often relate so clearly to the aims and goals of the individual. In many cases this leads to gratifying and obvious improvements and gains very early on.

Functional training, due to its opportunity for very low resistance, is also fantastic for the recovery and rehabilitation of both minor and serious injuries.

How should you get started?

Deciding on a particular functional workout routine can be complicated, especially if you’re not totally sure of what your goals are. By taking the Aspirational Mapping survey and using the Boditrax scales our team of professionals at Better Gym, North Greenwich will be able to advise you on where to start - whether you’re trying to improve your golf swing, forehand tennis stroke, or if you’re preparing for heavy lifting and want to improve your back strength.

For extra help in deciding where to start with your functional training, especially if you’re using the Kinesis units, visit Technogym’s online WeKinesis portal which includes functional exercise advice for first time and seasoned Kinesis unit users.

Explore the Equipment

Functional exercises can be undertaken in both a standing and seated position, incorporating more than one joint and muscle group at a time, or focusing on specific muscles or groupings.

This makes Functional training varied, so you're less likely to get bored of the same of training routine. Explore the different pieces of equipment available at Better Gym, North Greenwich and how they can benefit you.

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