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Crossover 700

This elliptical crosstrainer will have your arm and leg muscles working to the full

The Crossover 700 is Technogym’s leading elliptical crosstrainer. The unit follows a fixed range of movement, similarly to the ARTIS Synchro, but focuses on fixed lateral movements, simultaneously involving the arms and legs in extending, abducting, flexing, and rotating actions giving users a full body workout.

Because the movement is guided, the Crossover 700 does not require a high degree of coordination to use successfully. This opens the unit up to new gym users, as well as athletes those looking to tone their glutes, or seasoned skiers looking to train ahead of the ski season.

What's onboard?

The dashboard on the Crossover 700 unit features, among other things, Technogym’s UNITY console: the world-first internet-connected touchscreen workout companion console that runs Google’s Android operating system and works as your ultimate workout companion.

Also found on the dashboard is:

  • A USB port, to upload or save fitness and personal data
  • Storage slots for drink bottles and personal effects
  • Ports for MP3 players, iPhones, earphones, and your MyWellness Key

The entire Crossover 700 dashboard, including the state of the art UNITY console, has been optimised using the results of an in-depth scientific analysis investigating optimal multimedia screen position on cardiovascular training equipment. This means that the screen, and all of the units are in the absolute best possible position for your comfort, confidence, and focus.

UNITY unites

UNITY will allow you to access all of your favorite apps, websites, social media and TV channels, plus a myriad of other pieces of information that’ll allow you to streamline your workout; and of course it will log your workout and all your stats in to your MyWellness account so you can track your progress.


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