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Chest Press

Looking to increase your upper body strength, find out more about the Chest Press.

The ARTIS Chest Press unit utilises independant arms and a converging arc of movement to bring the industry’s most dumbbell-like chest press machine to Better Gym North Greenwich.

Targeting a user’s pectoral, deltoid and tricep muscles the ARTIS Chest Press uses Direct Drive technology, the ARTIS-specific cable-less resistance transfer system, to work the chest area by extending the arms away from the body.

Regardless of a user’s size, the shape of the arms allow for optimum range of motion with only the adjustment of the seat needed.

Utilised for both strength training and rehabilitation, the ARTIS Chest Press is an excellent tool for the building of chest and arm muscle, as well as correcting strength disparaty between arms.

Direct drive

The ground-breaking direct drive technology incorporated into the ARTIS Strength range puts it several steps ahead of any other strength training equipment around.

The system uses rigid shafts, rather than cables, to transmit the resistance from the weight stack directly to the levers. Without having to deal with the slack, and inherent delay in resistance that cables bring to your workout, the immediate force feedback that ARTIS direct drive delivers, is exceptionally responsive and provides a totally fluid range of motion for the user.

The removal of cables and pulleys from the equipment not only provides a more efficient and effective workout, but with fewer moving parts, machine maintenance is reduced - meaning less machine downtime and more workout time.

Bodyprint system

Each ARTIS unit is equipped with a posture-improving bodyprint padding for the seat and chest rest.

The bodyprint system is comprised of high density foam that adapts anatomically to the shape of each individual user, providing complete comfort and improved stabalisation of joints, bones and muscles during exercise.

This added support can dramatically improve mid-rep posture, thus increasing each user’s potential strength and providing a more rounded, more intense workout.


The ARTIS Strength range is fitted with a low-energy 7-inch lite version of UNITY. This allows the unit to run without cables, receiving its power through kinetic energy collected and stored through workouts undertaken by the user.

The units gather information from users MyWellness Keys or NFC-enabled mobile phones with the MyWellness Cloud app installed. The display provides mid-workout visual feedback, counting reps, monitoring the quality of each rep, and issuing a final score between 0 and 100 based how much effort had been expended by the user, and how close they are to reaching their personally set goals.

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