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Cardio Training

Help your heart, increase muscle and lose fat with cardio training

Cardiovascular training - or cardio training as you’ll come to know it - does so much more than just raising your heart rate, despite its misleading traditional definition.

All forms of exercise raise your heart rate, whether you’re simply stretching or you’re lifting heavy weights, you’ll notice that you’ll be taking deeper breaths, and that your pulse will have picked-up. Cardio training differentiates itself from these other forms of exercise by aiming to raise your heart rate for extended periods of time.

Going by that logic, running, cycling, rowing, and even walking can all be described as cardio training.

How will cardio training benefit you?

Cardio training has a huge range of physical and psychological benefits. Far from only providing exceptional weight loss potential, running, cycling, or even going for regular walks can reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep you’re getting, give you more confidence, give temporary relief from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and it will increase your energy levels.

Most of the psychological benefits listed above can be explained through a range of biomechanical responses to your increase in activity, however there are other psychological benefits that can be reaped. For example, many people undertake cardio training in groups, and the social benefits that they feel push them forwards to beat personal bests and meet their targets. 

At Better Gym North Greenwich you can join our group training session and take part in cardio training together. Our full timetable can be found in the Timetable link, and once you’ve signed up you will be free to take part in our running club that meets every week, our spinning classes on our Group Cycle exercise bikes, or any of the other group training sessions that take your fancy. You can also get involved in our monthly Challenges, push yourself again yourself or your other gym buddies.

While it’s easy to focus on the social and psychological benefits to cardio training, the list of physical benefits are also impressive. After a short period of exercise you will begin to feel your heart and lungs feel stronger, your muscles will feel more capable of tackling everything your day throws at you, and in the long run your bones will increase in density, and your risk of developing illnesses like heart disease and some types of cancer have been known to be reduced.

How to get started?

Anyone, of any ability, can start cardio training right now. Open your door and go for a walk, put on your trainers and go for a run, hop on a bike and go for a bike ride. These are all excellent ways of getting started, but if you want to start your training in a controlled and safe environment, if you want some supervision or advice, or if you want to monitor your progress closely, come down to Better Gym, North Greenwich.

Our huge range of cardio fitness equipment at North Greenwich Gym features market leader Technogym’s top of the range line of ARTIS units. As well as two of their more specialised cardio units the Top, and the Crossover 700.

Every piece of ARTIS equipment, feature a touchscreen, internet-connected console called UNITY, which allows users to access apps, websites, social media. The consoles will also accurately track users’ progress which will allow them to streamline their workout and meet their targets more efficiently and more comfortably than ever before. You can even set your screen to show Cities around the world which you can travel through while working out.   

Find out more about each piece of cardio equipment at Better Gym, North Greenwich below

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