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Experience treadmill running like no other, personalise to your needs

ARTIS Run is Technogym’s groundbreaking treadmill. The brand new, beautifully designed ARTIS unit has been developed with breakthrough customisation options to ensure that every user enjoys the very best running experience regardless of your fitness levels or running style.


Maximum comfort is the aim. The cushioned surface of the treadmill adapts to your gait, allowing for automatic treadmill customisation, alongside the unit’s Swift Tiptronic regulation system - which allows for intuitive adjustments to speed and intensity mid-workout - giving you the opportunity to exercise exactly how you want to.

Set up your pre-programmed settings and as soon as you login through MyWellness you can just hit go!    

In addition, to support all kinds of runners, the treadmill’s surface width has been increased by 6cm to create extra space, allowing for a safer, more comfortable run.

What's onboard?

The ergonomic dashboard predominantly features Technogym’s UNITY console; the world-first internet-connected touchscreen console that runs Google’s Android operating system and works as your ultimate workout companion.

Also found on the dashboard is:

  • A USB port, to upload or save fitness and personal data
  • Storage slots for drink bottles and personal items
  • Ports for MP3 players, iPhones, earphones, and your MyWellness Key

The entire ARTIS Run dashboard, including the state of the art UNITY console, has been optimised using the results of an in-depth scientific analysis investigating optimal multimedia screen position on cardiovascular training equipment. This means that the screen, and all of the units are in the absolute best possible position for your comfort, confidence, and focus.

Enhancing your experience

The ARTIS Run is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment that is simple and easy to use, the Fast Track Control™ levers allow you to select speed/incline without interfering with the rhythm of their workout. Swift Tiptronic regulation on ARTIS Run makes for intuitive adjustment at different speed intensities for on-the-fly interval training.    

Bring the outside world, inside

While it's great to be able to run outside, get some fresh air, see the sights; it can also be hard with the notorious British weather and the pressure outdoor running can have on your joints. However with the ARTIS Run you can now give your workout the same challenges in a gym environment. If you've already run a route using Mapmyrun, Strava or RunKeeper you can simply link your account through MyWellness then when you login to the equipment your route will be recreated to include all the same elements such as inclines and declines, speeds. Perfect if you're training for a marathon or race.      

Don't worry, if you've not embraced the great outdoors or you just fancy a change of scene, you can also use the Virtual Training module that will have you running the streets of destinations around the World such as San Fransico or the French Alps.    

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