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Ensuring our business is better for everyone

Being part of the UK's largest leisure Social Enterprise, one of Better Gym, North Greenwich's major aims is to introduce sustainable technology, reducing our use of power, and the environmental impact that our gym has on a changing world and the lives of everyone, not only those in our communities.

Sustainable Technology

ARTIS is unprecedented in its sustainability. Every one of the thirty pieces of equipment in the state of the art range - except for the treadmill unit Run - is self powering. This means that the entire unit, from the 16” UNITY touch screen to the processor that analyses your performance, can be maintained and powered by the user’s own kinetic energy.

This means that the majority of gym equipment at Better Gym North Greenwich does not need to draw power from the mains, thus slashing the site’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Running on less

Technogym’s ARTIS Run unit - their top of the range treadmill - cannot sustain its own power, or donate excess energy into the building's grid like the other ARTIS units. But, in terms of environmentally friendly energy efficiency, the Run is streets ahead of any other treadmill you’ve ever used.

When you combine the effects of the unit’s innovative brushless motor technology, with the range of low friction materials that are used on its deck and belt, energy consumption over the Technogym’s previous best-in-class treadmill, the Excite+ Run Now, is reduced by 30%.


The highly coveted BREEAM rating was awarded due to a number of environmental benefits, such as improved energy efficiency and a reduced carbon foot print; internal improvements that will responsibly enhance daylight and reduce glare; low-water fittings to reduce water consumption levels; and the provision of key travel information to customers, to encourage use of greener travel options.

BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation, and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building's environmental performance. At Better we firmly believe in reducing our environmental impact on the planet and we have actively improved carbon emissions efficiency by 3.7%, so the ‘Excellent’ status means recognition of the high environmental standards that we continue to work to.

Read the full report here.

Visit the BREEAM website for more information

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